Benefits of sleeping naked

Hello there — welcome to another interesting and yet insightful post. In this post, we share 12 fun facts on sleeping naked.

A lot of people choose to sleep in the nude simply because they find it more comfortable. But did you know that sleeping naked has science-based pros and cons?

For example; who would have thought sleeping naked could help you lose weight. Yes– sleeping naked can have an effect on weight loss.

Are you intrigued yet ?? Let’s get right into it!

Pros & Cons of sleeping naked

1. It facilitates deeper sleep. 

Only 30% of us sleep naked, according to a survey of 1500 people aged 25 to 55 in six different nations; the remaining 70% prefer to sleep in their underwear or some cozy pajamas. Gaining deeper sleep is one of the most observable benefits of not wearing any clothing to bed. 

Researchers at the University of Amsterdam discovered that lowering your skin temperature improves the quality of your sleep and lessens the frequency of nighttime wakefulness. The best technique to keep your skin cool without raising the temperature of your bedroom is to sleep naked. Additionally, pajamas restrict your range of motion, so you won’t have to worry about that if you sleep naked.

2. It is good for your skin. 

Usually, you spend the entire day with numerous layers of clothing covering your skin. To give your body, particularly the areas that tend to sweat profusely more than others, such as your feet and private areas, a chance to breathe, you can forgo sleeping with your PJs. This can lower the risk of skin conditions like athlete’s foot, which is brought on by wet or restricted skin. Additionally, sleeping in cooler temperatures protects our cells and slows down the aging process. This is made possible by melatonin, also known as the sleep hormone, which also stops cell aging.

3. It preserves the beauty and health of your hair. 

If your body temperature is heated up while asleep, Your hair might suffer severe damage from sweat. Sweat leaves behind a lot of salt when it dries, which can accumulate on your scalp and irritate it. Hair is more prone to breaking when the scalp is unhealthy. In addition to hydrating conditioners and pH-balanced shampoos, it turns out that sleeping naked is an effective way to stop hair breakage. Sleeping in a cooler environment results in less perspiration and hence, gorgeous, healthier hair.

4. It improves genital health

With all due respect to the ladies, a woman’s genitalia can make an excellent breeding place for bacteria and fungi. By keeping this area cool, dry, and well-ventilated while you sleep naked, you lower your risk of getting a yeast infection or UTI. For men, wearing tight-fitting underpants causes too much heat to the testicles, which can damage the quality of the sperm and your reproductive health. Never go to bed in your undies, either go commando in your jammies or sleep butt naked!

5. It boosts self-confidence 

A good social life and a successful career both depend on confidence. You can improve your self-confidence by sleeping naked. Even in the safety of your own house or next to your partner, it takes a lot of confidence to be completely naked. Many people, especially women, often feel self-conscious about their bodies, even though the supposed “imperfections” they have are untrue. You radiate confidence in whatever you choose to wear when you accept your body exactly as it is. That helps in your career and personal life plus nothing beats self-love.

6. It can help in weight loss

Finally, you probably have been anticipating seeing this particular one—Yes! Sleeping naked can help with weight loss. However, we cannot simply snooze the weight away. Nevertheless, when combined with a healthy diet and exercise, getting enough sleep can help you lose weight.

According to National Institutes of Health researchers, sleeping at lower temperatures not only results in deeper and better sleep, but also boosts metabolism and prevents the progression of diabetes.

Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, plays a role in this as well. When we are overheated at night, our cortisol levels gradually rise. When this occurs, your body stores fat rather than burning it, which can lead to weight gain, increased anxiety, and even depression, leaving you with junk food cravings(if you’re one of the many who stress eat). 

7. It keeps couples happy.

According to a survey conducted by Carlton USA, those who sleep naked report having a happier relationship with their partner, while only 48% of those who sleep in their pajamas report the same.

It’s also not just about a couple’s sex life. It can be as simple as cuddling or sleeping next to each other. The most essential thing is that there is skin-to-skin contact, which causes a large amount of oxytocin to be released (the feel-good hormone). Oxytocin relaxes you and fills you with affection for your loved one. This, in turn, strengthens couples’ physical and emotional bonds.

8. You will save money.

Doesn’t the most practical benefit on the list make sense?

(Perhaps you can respond later.) Comfortable, high-quality sleepwear can be costly, and cheaper options simply fall apart and do not look as nice. Getting rid of your pajamas can help you save money in addition to all of the other fantastic benefits we’ve already discussed.

Now while the above list are all benefits of sleeping naked and give reasons why you should sleep in the nude–

You should not sleep naked if; 

9. You are a sleep Walker 

If you’re one of the 3% of people who sleepwalk, keep your PJs. There have been numerous reports of naked sleepwalkers encountering conflict with their neighbors and even law enforcement. According to a study conducted by travel lodge, the number of sleepwalkers is increasing. It may be acceptable in your own home, but walking around naked in your sleep in a hotel can be extremely uncomfortable for the staff and other guests. Plus, how humiliating would it be for the sleepwalkers? So, if you have this rare but rapidly growing condition, don’t bother sleeping nude.

10. You have sensitive skin.

If you have extremely sensitive skin, sleeping naked is not for you. In this case, pajamas provide the necessary protection from various irritants.

Because of dust and insects, exposed skin can trigger allergic reactions, skin irritation, and asthma.

11. You are vulnerable to colds.

If you catch colds easily from the slightest breeze, don’t go to bed without your pajamas. This can be a serious problem for those who live in cooler climates and do not have adequate heating. The temperature drops at night, so it is critical not to be exposed to dangerously low temperatures. Otherwise, you risk waking up the next day with a nasty cold or flu.

12. You have anxiety 

If you are uncomfortable sleeping in the nude or are concerned about your children, roommates, or friends barging into your bedroom unexpectedly, you will not sleep soundly as a result of your anxiety. Instead, invest in good-quality pajamas that allow your skin to breathe.

Never forget that a decent night’s sleep is essential for your health and well-being, as well as a way to relieve some stress. So try to get some good rest.

So, do you prefer sleeping naked or in your Pajamas? Share your sleeping preference in the comments section below, if you have any personal tips for getting a better night’s sleep–hit the comment box below. 

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