Benefits of sit up everyday

What are the Benefits of Sit Up Everyday? And what happens if you do at least a 100 Sit ups every day. Sit ups are one of the most popular exercises to train your abs. They have the great advantage that you can do them at any time in any place since you don’t need to be in a gym and don’t need any equipment at all. But how effective are sit-ups?

Let’s dive right into it!

Benefits of sit up everyday

Sit ups primarily strengthen your front abs. That should be obvious to everyone. The exercise is especially effective for the rectus abdominus. The muscle that runs vertically down the front of your torso. But many people don’t know that sit ups also strengthen many other muscles. Sit ups are extremely effective when it comes to training your back muscles. These are particularly important in your everyday life, especially when you lift and carry objects. 

Another muscle group that is trained by situps is your leg muscles. They also benefit from regular situps as this exercise improves the mobility of your legs and reduces their risk of injury. 

The stabiliser muscles. These are muscles that are tasked with connecting a variety of muscle groups and coordinating combined movements. 

The hip flexors. These are responsible for connecting the stabilizers and are also extremely essential for the mobility of your body. In addition there are other physical benefits such as an upright posture, more mobility, and an improved sense of balance. 

However, as nice as all these benefits sound, sit-ups also have their disadvantages. 

If you do them wrong, sit ups can put you at risk of injuring your back, the movement presses your curved spine against the floor which puts extra pressure on your back. It’s not uncommon for sit-ups to cause lower back pain as a result. 

Moreover, your risk of injury depends on your body type, among other factors. People with a thicker spine are more likely to experience back pain as a result of this exercise than people with a thinner spine. That’s because thinner spines are more flexible, and thus less stressed when bending. 

In this case, we recommend the crunch exercise. 

Benefits of sit ups everyday

A crunch is an abdominal exercise similar to Sit Ups but with a different range of motion. When doing a crunch only your shoulders lift off the floor. But unlike situps, your lower back stays down.

Crunches carry a lower risk of injury, they place less stress on the spine making Crunches particularly suitable for those who want to train their abdominal muscles and are more prone to back pain. 

Not only that they are much more efficient compared to situps but with crunches, you train your abdominal muscles specifically, while situps also train the surrounding muscles and some minor upper body muscles. So it’s no wonder that crunches basically bring better results when working out if your main focus is just your abs, just to make sure you do them properly to reduce the risk of injury and to get the most benefit. So instead of doing 100 sit-ups a day,  you can opt for 100 crunches, and you’ll start to see noticeable results in just a few weeks.

Note that if you want to have visible ABS you also have to lower your body fat to around 12% It doesn’t matter how big your abs are. If you have too much body fat, the ABS won’t be visible. 

And that’s the whole gist for Sit Ups. Feel free to drop your progress or experience in the comment section below. If you liked this article, as always please feel free to share– thanks.

Fitness is Health!! 👌🏾

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