common mistake in strength trainning and cardo routine

If you’re looking to build muscle, Strength training and cardio should both be a high priority in your life. However, you should know how to combine them effectively. Which is what we’re going to talk about in today’s post. “How to combine Strength training and cardio, and the most common mistakes in strength training and cardio routines”

So read till the end and find out everything you need to know about the Mistakes You Should Avoid to get the best results from strength training and cardio.

Common Mistake to avoid in strength training and Cardio exercise routine

The Simple Truth!

The truth about strength training and cardio is that too much cardio can reduce your strength training gains. The emphasis here is clearly on too much. Some cardio is highly recommended even for bodybuilders to give the cardiovascular system an extra workout and to be generally more fit.

Many scientific studies nowadays also prove that excessive cardio makes no sense for bodybuilders. Running, for example, is generally an endurance sport that is not necessarily recommended for strength athletes. This is because running puts a massive strain on the muscles and also on the central nervous system.

most common mistake in strength training and cardio routine

In general, the more intensively you do a sport, the more likely you are to look like the ideal image of an athlete in that sport. And if you look at long-distance runners and endurance athletes in general, you will quickly notice that they are very fit but also very slim and not very muscular. They have a physique that takes them the furthest in their sport.

If on the other hand, you want to become strong and muscular then you should mainly do strength training and only do moderate cardio.

common mistake in strength trainning and cardo routine

What cardio should you do?

When running, particularly over long distances or at high intensity. isn’t advisable, several alternative cardio exercises can be considered. Opting for low-impact activities can provide effective cardiovascular benefits while minimizing the strain on joints and muscles.
There are many options here.
For example; gentle cycling, offers a smooth workout for the lower body without the impact of running. Walking with an incline, either outdoors or on a treadmill, engages various muscle groups and enhances the cardiovascular system. Swimming is another excellent alternative, offering a full-body workout with minimal stress on joints.

Another great option is swimming, which provides a full-body workout with no impact on joints.

Alternatives like these fit a range of preferences and levels of exercise, enabling people to preserve or enhance their cardiovascular health while meeting certain requirements or limitations.

Before starting a new workout program, always get advice from a medical practitioner or fitness specialist, particularly if there are any underlying health issues or unique limits.

When is it best to do cardio?

We recommend that you only do cardio on your rest days. And to emphasize that again, your cardio should be relaxed and leisurely not strenuous. This will ensure that your recovery is not significantly impaired despite cardio sessions on your rest day. And this is extremely important for building muscle after all, muscles don’t grow during training, but rather during the rest period.
It makes little sense to do this before training because you then have less energy for your main focus, strength training or relaxed warm-up is of course excluded from this.

What about after training?

Some scientific studies have shown that cardio directly after strength training is also not useful for maximum muscle-building cardio and rest days are therefore established itself as the best option in bodybuilding. If for whatever reason, this is a problem for you in terms of time, you can also do strength training and cardio on the same day.
However, there should be at least six hours in between. This is important so that you can achieve maximum muscle growth through your strength training.

In summary, cardio is highly recommended in addition to strength training in the gym, as long as you don’t overdo it, if you combine the two sensibly, you will achieve your goals in the gym and life much more quickly and easily and we certainly wish you the best for that.

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