time for truth

Why do we sugarcoat the truth and then embrace lies..

The universe has found a way to convince us that we are not supposed to dish out the whole truth.
We become hanky-panky when it is time to say the truth especially when it matters but feel comfortable telling lies.

Something is phenomenally wrong; how did we manage to convince ourselves about holding tight to religion yet go against the rules and principles every time?

These same people that embrace lying when it favours them are the same people that will preach to you that Jesus is this, God is that…

why sugar coat the truth
Time for truth

Then what happens when you are faced with the moment of truth, God is no longer in the equation.

When someone bold stands up for the truth and says it the way it is, hypocrites come out to suppress him/her,” you are not emotionally intelligent, you go against the ethics…” they prefer half-baked truth, the one that won’t hurt their feelings, the one that is sweet to their hearing.

If telling the truth is about religious belief, hypothetically speaking those who claim to be religious have dented religion beyond repair.

It is high time we say the truth, stand for the truth, face the truth and live the truth because when we do, it automatically enhances our way of life and our society at large and also extends to civic developments.

I hope someday the truth will find its way to everyone and they can boldly say it the way Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed does.

Why do we sugarcoat the truth and then embrace lies?

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